Wear wedding dress day

Today, the January 15th is the first international “Wear wedding dress day”. Wedding freaks, like me, take part of all theme days so let me tell you how was it. Well the day… Continue reading

Pick tropical flowers for wedding decoration

I’m bored with roses as a wedding decoration so for me this chance to pick tropical flowers to my wedding decoration is just awesome! I’m totally in love with flowers! I would love… Continue reading

Pick the best ideas for your trendy bridal hairstyle!

I’m a hairdresser myself and I know how to make awesome bridal hairstyles. That’s why for me is super complicate to find my own hairdo for my wedding. I don’t want traditional styles… Continue reading

Exotic Colombian Weddings

I have been going through pictures of Caribbean beach weddings while dreaming about my own. I must say Colombians are really good to create lovely decorations! It’s yet hard to believe I will… Continue reading

Inspiration from Colombian Artisans

Our wedding will be held September 2013 on the beach of North Colombia by Caribbean sea. We will have a lovely private beach in the middle of authentic national park and the party will be… Continue reading

Sweet Pink Beach Wedding Ideas!

Beach is a lovely environment to organize wedding. You can create all king or color worlds and it will always look amazing! Theres no wrong color curtains or chairs. You’re free to create everything… Continue reading

Worlds most popular beach wedding photo

I’m so excited with my Colombian wedding plans that my computer is getting stuck of lovely beach wedding photos! I use tens of hours per week just surfing around internet searching everything; the… Continue reading

Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Looking For Wedding Location In Colombia

Check more photos on my Facebook page We have been looking for a dream wedding location from South America and Finland for about a year now. I know the Finnish options quite far… Continue reading

Lovely Vintage Wedding Ideas

Super trendy and always stylish! You wanna make sure, that you won’t need to hide your wedding pictures after 10 years just because you selected too trendy wedding theme? (Just look at your… Continue reading