Looking For Wedding Location In Colombia

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We have been looking for a dream wedding location from South America and Finland for about a year now. I know the Finnish options quite far so mostly we have been going through the South American possibilities because that seems so tempting option for us! My boyfriend is from Colombia and over half of our guests are already in Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. So why not to celebrate the wedding in there! I haven’t felt any kind of flame to organize the wedding in Finland. I’m totally bored with Finnish wedding traditions and feel more attracted to take a risk and make it in Colombia.

The more I know of latino wedding traditions, the more I want to celebrate my wedding in there. I love Colombian music and dances, exotic flowers, nature, beach and blue ocean…

Colombia is the number one flower producer in the world. They also bring the flowers to Scandinavian weddings and you can just imagine the price for those after flight ticket in here! I want a lot of exotic flowers for our wedding, so the Colombia is like a dream option for wedding!

We want really typical exotic latino beach fiesta. We have been trying to find local service providers. My boyfriend is losing his nerves, cause it’s not easy to make business with latinos (even that he is latino, he is not really typical one..)

So far we have concentrate to look for wedding party location around Cartagena and Santa Marta. We need to find the place outside the main tourist centres but yet easy to reach, because many quests will arrive from other countries and we need to change the plane in Bogota. We also want to offer the best location for our guests to let them enjoy of crystal clear sea, jungle, coffee farms etc.

Cartagena is known of its lovely colonial walled city and fortress. Santa Marta is surrounded with most lovely Natural Parks with paradise beaches. Here is some pictures of both options. Wich is your favorite?


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Santa Marta:

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