Working Diet – get in shape for your wedding

It’s time to make good decisions! My blog has been online 22 days and I have almost 2000 readers! Thank you all! Hope you will join my Facebook page too: Even that I… Continue reading

Pink Theme For Beach Wedding

Would you select pink theme for your beach wedding? I don’t know what has happened to me but I founded myself looking for pink wedding theme ideas! I’m more like typical finnish bride… Continue reading

Searching wedding dress in Turkey

Greetings from Turkey! We just spent our Christmas holidays in there. It was good to escape snowy Finland for a while 🙂 Turkey is part of our romantic history. My boyfriend proposed me… Continue reading

Feather Wedding Dresses

The swan theme continues! Seems like this will be big fashion in couple of years! Maybe later I will be bored with feathers myself but at the moment I love the swan lake theme… Continue reading

Feather Wedding Theme

Find more ideas from Exotic Weddings Facebook page   I just published a blog text “Swan lake Wedding Dresses“. If you select feather as your wedding theme here is some more tips for you!… Continue reading

Swan Lake Wedding Dress

I love swans! The first musical memory I have is from kinder garden age 4. the teacher turned off the lights and gave us big scarfs. She turned on the Tchaikovsky’s Swan lake theme song.… Continue reading

Cinderella Tulle Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

I just opened new Facebook page and uploaded a lot of lovely wedding photos in there. Check out and leave your comment! Currently I’m searching the wedding dress. As I wrote in my… Continue reading

Snowflake Theme For Wedding

I collected some cute pics to inspire your winter wedding planning. This post is about snowflakes as a wedding theme!  

Winter elements in wedding decoration; white, silver and diamonds

It is easy to bring winter inside the party venue! Create the arctic atmosphere with this elements: White for snow, silver and diamonds for ice. This decoration gives really luxury and sophisticated impression… Continue reading

Winter Wedding Decorations From The Forest

Cheap and unique! Do you know how to make woodwork? Or maybe you would drop a tip for your boyfriend =) Finns are good with woodwork. We all learn that in junior high school … Continue reading