Exotic Colombian Weddings

I have been going through pictures of Caribbean beach weddings while dreaming about my own. I must say Colombians are really good to create lovely decorations! It’s yet hard to believe I will have a dream wedding in Colombia! When I’m looking at this photos from Colombian weddings I can not imagine having my wedding anywhere else! Colombia is a paradise of flowers and the florists are really handy. Exotic flowers are more rare in Finland. I just love flowers! I’m already a bit bored with traditional roses so this time I can get something else.

Just take a look at this lovely photos of Colombian weddings, aren’t they just awesome! Check more lovely pics in my Facebook page

beach evening wedding

Colombian weddings start typically in the evening

Beach wedding bar

Beach wedding bar

Beach wedding in Colombia

Caribbean beach wedding

Caribbean beach wedding

caribbean evening beach wedding

Caribbean wedding

caribbean wedding night

Wedding suite on Caribbean beach

caribeban beach wedding etiquette is to dress in white

Caribbean beach wedding etiquette is to dress in white

carnical party decoration colombia

Carnival party decoration

Colombia is flower paradise

Colombia is a flower paradise

Colombian beach wedding

Colombian dessert

colombian wedding dessert

Colombian wedding dessert

Colombian wedding table decoration

Colored water beach wedding decoration

Colored water table centers

Exotic caribbean beach wedding with trendy pink and orange colors

Super trendy and hot!

Exotic decoration

Exotic flowers for tables

Colored water wedding decoration

Exotic flowers

Exotic flowers in wedding cake

Exotic flowers on wedding cake

exotic luxury wedding

Exotic wedding bouquet

Exotic wedding bouquet

exotic sensual red wedding theme

fans are needed on the beach

Fans are needed on the beach

Funny beach wedding cake

Funny beach wedding cake

exotic wedding flowers in caribbean

Get married under palm trees

Hora loca is colombian tradition

Hora loca is colombian tradition in wedding

Hora loca is part of colombian wedding

Hora loca!

hora loca party colombia hora loca with masks

Horse carts wedding colombia

Horse carts in Colombian wedding

latino wedding

latino wedding beach

Exotic flowers!

latino wedding decoration

Modern and eexotic wedding centerpiece

Orange beach wedding theme

Orchids are the national flowers of Colombia

Orchids are the national flowers of Colombia

Outdoor church Santa Marta

Cute outdoor church in Santa Marta

red beach wedding

Ring boy

Sombrero voltiao and wxotic flowers decoration

Sombrero voltiao and exotic flowers decoration

Romantic beach wedding

Sombrero voltiao table center piece decoration

Trendy and exotic beach wedding

wedding dessert

Wedding dessert table colombia

wedding drink

Wedding in colombia

Wedding kioscos

wedding with latino

White theme beach wedding