Pick tropical flowers for wedding decoration

I’m bored with roses as a wedding decoration so for me this chance to pick tropical flowers to my wedding decoration is just awesome! I’m totally in love with flowers! I would love to have my wedding with a lot of rare Colombian flowers. Our wedding theme is tropical and exotic and the flowers are the best way to express it! The main flowers of our wedding are ginger flower and Heliconia:

Heliconia for wedding

Exotic heliconias are perfect for tropical wedding!

ginger flower for wedding

Lovely ginger flower will bring some pink magic to our wedding

Heliconia wedding decoration











Orchid wedding decoration

Pure white orchids are like a symbol of pure love!

I know the orchids don’t fit together with the tropical flowers but I consider using them separately example in bridal bouquet.

Tropical flowers are not so familiar for me. Because of the rare shapes, they are quite tricky to work with. Heliconia and ginger flower are both long and tall so we will need a lot of green parts, like palm tree leafs, and circle shape flowers to balance the concept. The local florists have the experience with this. We have been looking for great florist from Santa Marta but founded only one and she is asking huge price just for flower arrangements: 900€! And I didn’t even ask a lot! My lovely fiance brought up idea to look for cemetery flower sellers and ask from them too! In Colombia they take huge flowers to graves and flowers are big business in there.

Luckily we will have both of our families in the wedding location and my mum and grand mum are quite handy to work with flowers so if we can not get good deal with the local flower maker Elsa, in that case we will just buy a lot of flowers from Bogotá and get them to Santa Marta by plane and build everything ourselves. The challenge is time: There is no cold room so flowers should be done the same day.

At the moment it seems that we will build many flower decoration ourself so I have been looking for inspiration pictures to show what kind of flowers I need to include to the flower arrangements to make them balanced. How do you like these?


Orchid wedding bouquet

Orchids are the national flower of colombia so maybe I will select them as a part of my bridal bouquet

Tropical wedding decoration

tropical flowers wedding

tropical flower boquet

I love this colorful bridal bouquet!

Tropical beach wedding flower bouquet bride

Ideas how to use tropical flowers as a part of decoration

orchids wedding cake

heliconia flower wedding

exotic wedding table decoration flowers

Exotic wedding decoration

exotic bridal bouquett

Exotic bridal bouquet

Exotic beach wedding flowers

beach wedding flowers