Wear wedding dress day

Today, the January 15th is the first international “Wear wedding dress day”. Wedding freaks, like me, take part of all theme days so let me tell you how was it.

Well the day was definitely too cold to wear the wedding dress outside (-15C) so I was wearing just my mantilla (Colombian version of the veil) in the office for a while. This theme day got a lot of attention from finnish media so everybody were talking about it in the office.

käytä hääpukua päivä

The day started at 6:30 am when I was proving the costume for the “wear your wedding dress day”

The idea for this theme day came from finnish lady called Emilia Heinonen. She said we shouldn’t let our lovely wedding dresses hang in the clawset. She wants to spread the work and created webpage for this day also in english.

Wear wedding dress day

At work wearing my mantilla

So ladies, today take your wedding dress or wedding accessories and wear them! And please, send me a photo of you wearing that! My email is sannathas@gmail.com or use Twitter: @sannatha or Facebook

Minnie mouse wedding hat (with veil =)

This is my 2nd wedding costume. The gift I received from my sister- in – law before our wedding: Minnie mouse wedding hat (with veil =)


Happy wedding dress day for all princesses around the world!!