Worlds most popular beach wedding photo

I’m so excited with my Colombian wedding plans that my computer is getting stuck of lovely beach wedding photos! I use tens of hours per week just surfing around internet searching everything; the location, decoration ideas, photographer etc. I always share my best pics here in my blog, so if you are dreaming of beach wedding remember to press “follow” button 🙂

Since Google is so familiar tool for me I have realized one funny thing. It doesn’t matter what language I use or wich keywords I select, every time I put something about beach wedding to Google search always one photo jumps up! I have tried english, finnish, spanish an portuguese. So I think we can nominate this photo as a “most loved beach wedding style” analyzed by Google robots.

Here is the photo, does it seem familiar to you? I must say I love it! And maybe my own wedding will be influenced by this photo.

I dont know who took the photo or whose wedding this is taken. If you know please let me know! See more lovely photos- remember to like my Facebook page

Pink beach wedding ideas

Worlds most popular beach wedding photo