Working Diet – get in shape for your wedding

It’s time to make good decisions!

It's time for good decisions!

Wedding –  time for good decisions!

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Even that I yet don’t have my wedding date clear I know it will happened autumn this year and that’s my goal to get in good shape!

I have been going to gym for a long time without giving so much attention for the training program and diet. During last 2 years I tried some raw food diet and Ketosis diet. Raw food just made me more fat. During Atkinson’s I did loose like 6-7 kilo, but didn’t grow muscles plus I was so hungry all the time. Ketosis diet changes the life so much that it is not good ever lasting eating diet (for me)

It’s individual what works with me and what works with you. So take a time and find good solution for yourself.


Fact diet

Here is the diet that I started 6 days ago. It is really popular here in Finland. The diet follows TV program “Jutan superdieetit” where over weight people are losing some fat. The diet is called “Go Fat Go”  and I will share it with you now.

Fat bride


My goal is to find a diet I can follow at least the 8 months before wedding 🙂  I have 5 days behind and 2,5-3 kilos gone and I feel really good with tis diet I wanna share it with you. I will report you about my process.






Go Fat Go diet for ladies

(g) = grams


45g Oatmeal
100g Fat free Cottage cheese
150g fruit/berry juice soup, sugar-free OR 100g frozen berries
+Fast Omega3 2 pills


100g chicken OR 100g beef (max 10% fat) OR 100g fish
50g egg white OR 25g Fat free Cottage cheese
200g Vegetables
10g Oliv oil


1bar Pro-Fx lo-carp bar OR 40g Fast Dietmix OR 250g Curd cheese + 100g frozen berries


100g chicken OR 100g beef (max 10% fat) OR 100g fish
40g rice OR 40g pasta OR  170g potato OR 2 pieces of whole wheat bread
200g vegetables


250g Curd cheese OR 150g Fat free Cottage cheese
150g fruit/berry juice soup, sugar free OR 100g frozen berries
10g wheat bran
+Fast Omega3 2pills

This breakfast keeps you full until lunch

This breakfast keeps you full until lunch

General info:

– Recovery drink immediately after the exercise

– Drink water at least 3 litres during all day. When you wake up, drink at least 300ml before eating anything

– Eating rhythm: Minimum 2 hours, max 4 hours.

– If you need to drop one meal, replace it with low carp bar.

– Take multivitamin and extra magnesium every day.

– Use spices (no salt or sugar included) specially hot spices are good for weight loose!

– 3-4 grams of salt per day (to cook your meal) is good!

I don’t have a kitchen scale and don’t want to buy it cause I hate to store stuff. So I made some rules to remember the measures (this is about)

This made my life easier:

45 g oatmeal = 1 deciliter

100g cottage cheese = One big spoon

40g pasta = 3/4 desiliter

40g = 1/2 desiliter

Next time I will give the training program that supports this diet. You can even do it in your house!