Searching wedding dress in Turkey

Greetings from Turkey!

We just spent our Christmas holidays in there. It was good to escape snowy Finland for a while 🙂

Turkey is part of our romantic history. My boyfriend proposed me there on ‘ beach June 2010. So it was so good to start our wedding plans in there too! I wanted to take a look at local wedding dress stores. We travelled to city called Manavgat and visited 3 stores.

Shopping in Turkey is complicate because they start pricing from 1000€ and in the end they sell the product with 300€. Anyway, for me arab style is a way too decorative. I decided to  keep looking the dresses in internet 🙂

I made some photo collages for you. Hope you enjoy!

Turkish wedding dresses

The sellers offer you coffee or teat while making the deal.

Turkish wedding dresses

In Turkish wedding dress stores there was a lot of fake flower bouquets. I was surprised because the real flowers are so cheap in there..

Turkish wedding dress

Turkish style is quite decorative, or what you think?