Winter Wedding Decorations From The Forest

Cheap and unique! Do you know how to make woodwork? Or maybe you would drop a tip for your boyfriend =)

Table center piece made of wood, rocks and candle. so romantic!

Finns are good with woodwork. We all learn that in junior high school  We also think that every piece of our wedding decoration needs to be made by ourselves! Here is ideas for easy and cheap wedding decoration. You can find this eco friendly materials from your nearest forest. I think it is lovely way to localize the decoration by using materials from local forest.

ice cubes and tulip

Finland is mostly covered with forests and we love them! You can see that also in wedding decorations. We try to use natural materials as much as possible. Also because it is affordable. Decorations like this will be loved by the guests too 🙂

Hot chocolate and marshmallows? Or cinnamon coated hot drink? That is a lovely way to welcome guests that arrive from cold outside air!

Many of this items are reusable. You can keep memories of your wedding as a part of your kitchen decoration!

Thanks for Ruffled for many of this photos!