Arctic wedding in Snow Castle

In Finland the typical wedding is yet quite traditional. I’m sure our childhood dreams have something to do with it =) Well, I’m not a girl of traditions so we both truly want something totally different for our wedding.

We are not thinking “marriage under the sea” or something like that. Just something different for Finnish traditions. Finns celebrate weddings most likely summer time. I don’t like winter but I must say, it is really beautiful time! The nature is full of colors you wouldn’t see anywhere else.

Winter in Lapland

I want something exotic so if the wedding will be held in Finland, it may be around mid winter in the middle of ice, snow, Aurora borealis and reindeer!

Aurora Borealis in Lapland

All Finland is covered with snow winter time but the most beautiful is Lapland, the north part of the country.

The very first city where we lived together with my boyfriend is a small city called Kemi. It is really near to the Arctic Circle. They call Kemi as a “gate to Lapland”.

Kemi is known of its Snow castle which is the biggest one in the whole world!

The snow castle seal in a restaurant, chapel and a hotel

This Castle is so cool! When you step in it feels like a different world! everything is made of ice and snow!

Restaurant with ice sculptures

Look at this beautiful ice sculptures, cross and earth

Snow Castle Chapel

Last winter ten couples got married in Snow Castle chapel.

The Snowcastle is a super romantic and really arctic. They have used only ice and snow while building it! Even the drinking glasses in restaurant are made of ice!

This is a picture of jewelry gallery inside Snow Castle. The showcases were made of ice! I don’t know if they still have this tradition but I know that the Snow Castle personnel used to give the couple real ice rings for the wedding ceremony!

The temperature in snow hotel is -6 C degrees. You need to wear some clothes and sleep inside super warm sleeping bag! Theres own sleeping bags for couples too =) Not too comfort I think =)

As you can see, the guests don’t need to invest for new evening dress in this party. The temperature inside the castle is about -6 C degrees so everybody need really warm clothes.

Restaurant has 3 cabinets and the Snow hotel about 21 rooms.

Snow Castle will melt down spring time and architect designs a new castle every year. So what you see in this photos you wont find anymore. But the castle they build every year is really impressive experience where all these nature materials meets impressive lights and sound world!

Kemi is 800 kilometers away from Helsinki and would be too shame to invite guests to travel just for half hour ceremony and short party. Because one hour or one and a half is maximum time to stay there specially if the bride is wearing wedding dress. So in case if we would select this option we would need to rent another party venue for the rest of the night.