Autumn wedding decoration in Finland


My brother married his beautiful princess this september. They had a really warm and lovely autumn wedding among about 100 guests at small village in the heart of Finland.

This season is full of colors in nature! The pride didn’t want to use the autumn colors as a theme tough. She decided to have rosa and brown as a theme colors.

All family gathered there  at the previous day to build up the venue. That made the day feel even more important for us!

This post is actually about the decorations that my mum made for that wedding. I think she created really cute entrance for the wedding party venue with super low-budget! Many of this items in pictures she founded just from nature. “I went around my friends gardens and forests searching is there anything yet alive” she said. Late autumn in Finland is time when its impossible to find any living flowers from the nature. And to buy flowers from the stores is super expensive! A single, small rose can cost from 6€ up.

This special challenge gave my mum some extra inspiration to create this beautiful venue in just one week.


The wedding venue was a lovely old building with nice soft lightning. me and my boyfriend were suppose to take all pictures of that party. That was a huge honor!

Autumn time in Finland is challenging time to take photos because of the light. Sun goes gown so early (well, about 7 pm).

Hope you got some inspiration out of this. My mum was so excited with her task that offered to become the stylist of other weddings too!