Wedding dreams since age 3

As a every girl, I have been dreaming of my wedding since early years. My first memory of bride is age 3 watching photo of beautiful (80’s style of bride BTW) and I thought she was a real princess! I thought those ladies wearing beautiful white dresses were all princesses =) So I didn’t get the point “princesses only exist in fairy tales “. I saw them alive all the time! Our mothers used to tell us “one day you have your day as a princess too” when I asked her “why we couldn’t wear that white dress all the time?” Planning our own wedding takes us back to that princess world.

huge dress

My grandma yet has that photo of that pride. She yet keeps the photo inside her bible.

My first memory of wedding party is when I was about 4 years old. We arrived with my   family to full church last-minute and got the seats behind all guests.

Of course I didn’t know what is the wedding. But as soon as the doors opened and the wedding march started to play my heart stopped. PRINCESS! They do exist.

The princess of my dreams step in. One rose came down from the bouquet when she passed me. I couldn’t get my eyes out of that rose during all ceremony. I have always loved flowers and I wanted to get that rose so much!

The most impressive memory was the wedding march. in finnish it’s called “Prinsessa ruusunen” The sleeping beauty. It is the most popular wedding march in Finland. I was 4 years old and I got so impressed with it that since that moment for me wedding means Prinsessa Ruusunen march.

We all have different stories behind our wedding dreams. Do you want to bring some childhood dreams to your wedding day? For me the “must have” things (yes, they are from age 4) are a huge white dress, roses and Prinsessa Ruusunen wedding march. Tell me yours 😉

 I’m yet dreaming of huge dress. The skirt part must be huge but the top part updated. I’m happy that finally wedding fashion is going back to nostalgic and feminine direction. I must make one thing clear: I’m a big anti-fan of 1980’s costumes. =)